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There are no specific findings on physical exam that are diagnostic of this problem.


  • is occasionally present with anterior knee pain
  • is indicative of inflammation, and is not diagnostic


  • there is no consistent relationship between alignment problems and anterior knee pain

Muscle wasting

  • is secondary to the presence of anterior knee pain; muscle function is inhibited by the presence of this problem

Patellar apprehension

  • tenderness about the patella on palpation is often associated with anterior knee pain
  • this tenderness can be exacerbated by upward manipulation of the patella or by direct pressure over the fat pad (anterior area of the knee below the patella)

Range of motion

  • not affected by anterior knee pain


  • not affected by anterior knee pain

Committed athletes play with this pain, simply accepting the pain during and after practice and competition. In the absence of a known pathophysiologic sequence for this condition, there is no evidence that individuals will suffer permanent damage to their knees if they continue sporting activities.