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Research Update 2011

Our group’s research on the cause of anterior knee pain (AKP), and of our development and verification of a successful surgical treatment is ongoing.
We will be reporting our results at the Canadian Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting at St-John’s, Newfoundland, 7-9 July, 2011.

The most important submission will be an outline of a model for anterior knee pain, which supplies credible data to support answering the mystery of the “Black Hole of Orthopaedics”. The anatomy, histology, and biomechanical data that explain AKP will be outlined.

Some of the questions that are explained by this model include:

  1. Why is AKP not linked to knee and patellar alignment?
  2. What causes the “theater sign” of pain when getting up from prolonged sitting?
  3. What initiates adolescent AKP?
  4. What initiates AKP associated with acute overuse?
  5. What causes the AKP associated with anterior cruciate surgery?
  6. What causes the AKP that comes on after IM rodding of the tibia?

Most importantly, we will report our results with successful surgical treatment of adolescent AKP. For the first time there is credible evidence of a safe surgical treatment that returns the patient to a normal life. The results are one surgeon’s experience over 18 years treating adolescent AKP that presented in a variety of ways, insidious, after trauma, after overuse, after hip replacement, and in association with athletic activities and dancing.

We will post our results on this site after submission for peer review.